2022 EPV Summer Courses

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I just want to thank you so so much for yet another amazing course, Lorraine. The courses you and your team put together really are life-changing. I can’t stop raving about what I’m learning to my family. Looking forward to the next one already!”
Sharon, Primary School Teacher, Working With Children With Anxiety Summer Course 2021

EPV Summer Course Dates

Group 1

July 4th – 15th 2022

Group 2

July 18th – 29th 2022

Group 3

August 1st – 19th 2022

Enhance your knowledge about social communication, socio-emotional development and play skills in children
Understanding how trauma impacts children, how this presents and how professionals can support children who have been impacted
Understand how Anxiety presents itself, the impact on the whole child & strategies that be implemented in the classroom
Learn about the physical, emotional, social and educational impact of Dyspraxia or DCD on the whole child
Ensure every child receives an equal education by learning about Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and receiving organisational tips and resources to enhance inclusion in your classroom