First Class Fundamentals
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Practical Strategies and Inclusion Techniques for 1st and 2nd Class Teachers


Course breakdown

  10 hours on-demand video material and 10 hours offline learning

  Online tutor moderation

  Downloadable articles and resources

  Access on mobile and desktop

 Course Approved for the Department of Education and Skills EPV Summer Course Certificate 2024

  Full access to the course

Course Goals:

Learn key methods for planning and preparation in your classroom

Have a practical toolkit to manage behaviour in the classroom without relying on behaviour management tools

Become a more effective teacher who is well-versed in classroom management and systems

Become equipped with meaningful strategies for the teaching of literacy and numeracy to 1st and 2nd class

Understand effective inclusion techniques for 1st and 2nd class children with additional needs in the mainstream classroom

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First Class Fundamentals

created for first class teachers in irish primary school classroom

First Class Fundamentals is a course developed in response to the needs of first class teachers in Irish primary school classrooms. With ten years of experience in a variety of classroom settings, Valerie Mullen has spent the majority of her career teaching first and second class. Through her online platforms, Muinteoir Valerie speaks to teachers every day about both the struggles and successes they face in their classrooms. This connection with fellow primary teachers has provided Valerie with great insight into the specific difficulties Irish teachers face in teaching this class level.

“The main aim of this course is to help teachers feel more confident, less stressed and happier in the first class classroom. Simple teaching strategies and tools can make a huge difference when implemented consistently.”

valerie mullen, course creator

Effective Teaching Strategies for First Class Teachers

Supporting Classroom Management, Differentiation, and Inclusion

The objectives of this course are to provide practical, workable and effective strategies to support first class teachers in the teaching of literacy and numeracy, provide support in terms of managing behaviour in the classroom without relying on behaviour management tools, and recommend practical strategies for the inclusion of children with additional needs in the mainstream classroom. This course will also support teachers in wider classroom management and systems.

Teachers will be provided with theoretical and practical support strategies and methodologies to help them in their teaching of this specific age group. They will also be provided with ideas for teaching through play, and active hands-on teaching approaches, as well as ideas for assessment of, for and as learning. A variety of teaching styles and approaches will be encouraged and explored to ensure all learning styles are catered for in the classroom. Teaching in a playful, integrated manner will be encouraged throughout the course.

There will be a module in this course on inclusion in the mainstream classroom. Having worked in an ASD class in the past, and seeing the importance of integration and reverse integration, this area is of huge importance to Valerie. Differentiation will also play an important role in the course, as teachers are provided with practical ideas for implementing differentiation in a busy classroom.

This course is ten hours of audio content, visual content and assessment in total, and there are ten hours of recommended reading and resources for you to further develop your own learning.

Course Dates


July 1st - 13th 2024


July 15th - 26th 2024


August 1st - 16th 2024

Meet Your Instructor

With a wealth of expertise gained from a decade of teaching in diverse environments, Valerie is an accomplished primary school educator who currently imparts her knowledge to first-class students. This particular class level has been the cornerstone of Valerie’s teaching career, and she takes a keen interest in inclusive teaching methods and efficient classroom management practices.

Valerie is deeply committed to continuous learning and actively participates in webinars as both an attendee and a host to enhance her professional development. Valerie has created www.múinteoirvalerie.com, an online platform designed to support fellow teachers with teaching strategies, innovative ideas, and a wealth of resources.

We'll focus on:

  • The Learning Environment
  • Curriculum Planning
  • Resource Planning
  • Effective Teaching and Learning Strategies
  • Effective Assessment
  • Gathering Data and Use of Technology in the Classroom


Each course is divided into three groups that are running on the following dates:

  • Group One: July 1st – 13th 2024
  • Group Two: July 15th – 26th 2024
  • Group Three: August 1st – 16th 2024

The course starts and ends on each of the above dates. It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you complete tasks within your chosen course’s dates!

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