Working With Children With Dyspraxia (DCD) – 2024 Summer Course Group 3

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5 thoughts on “Working With Children With Dyspraxia (DCD) – 2024 Summer Course Group 3”

  1. I really enjoyed this course and learned alot of interesting facts about Dyspraxia. The array of helpful solutions, to make the school life of a child with DCD easier, were excellent. Thank you

  2. The content of this course was exactly what I hoped for and needed. It was engaging and insightful and will hopefully equip me to recognise the symptoms of Dyspraxia and adapt my classroom to cater for those needs. Thank you so much.

  3. I really enjoyed this course, I thought it really looked at things from the child’s point of view rather than just describing the condition. I think that the content will be very practical and useful when back in school

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and it has given be a much better understanding of dyspraxia. I have gained many practical tips that I can use in my own classroom to support children with dyspraxia. The course was very engaging throughout. Thank you.

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