Most frequent questions and answers

Our range of online courses are the perfect solution for teachers who may be managing behavioural or emotional issues in children, particularly during these very challenging times. They delve deep into topics like trauma and anxiety so you are equipped with a full understanding of these issues and how they relate to presenting issues in the classroom AND you have a suite of strategies to implement yourself in the classroom.

Not at all! Our courses are fully self-paced which means they can be completed in your own time and pace, from the comfort of your own home. You can complete in chunks of 10 minutes or complete the full 10 hours in one day – it’s totally up to you and your preferred learning style.

We know you’re busy so you have lifetime access from when you enrol.

Yes, all work is monitored by our e-tutor team, which means that you will receive feedback and you will be notified if more detail is required.

Our primary focus is on you learning and then supporting children with their emotional wellness. As a result, we place value on¬†reflective learning. You’ll be asked to discuss your own understanding and experiences, as well as brief summaries of important topics. All assignments are less than 500 words.

Absolutely – once all your work has been submitted and approved, you will be issued a certificate from us. These courses are fully accredited by CPDUK for use in your CPD portfolio