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“The great thing about life-the most magnificent thing about being these sentient human beings-is that we have been given the power of choice.”
― Bryant McGill, Voice of Reason

What Is Life Coaching?

Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, Leonardo Di Caprio and Serena Williams. Just a few of the world’s most successful individuals who have attributed some of their success to their life coaches. They have INVESTED in themselves and spent time figuring out their strengths and weaknesses in order to devise a working goal plan to reach their own personal goals – owning a television network, becoming president, being an environmental activist and movie star, or being the greatest living female athlete. Working on your own unique personal goal plan with your life coach means that you have an advocate, a support person, a friend and a mentor who is a phone-call away with words of support and encouragement.

The world is changing and so are the demands placed on us. We are expected to be all things to all people at all times. Having to be successful, healthy, politically correct, up-to-date, positive, mindful, non-judgemental and open-minded, while also maintaining a social life, meeting family demands, paying our bills and making time for ourselves has just resulted in a lot of us feeling burnt out, not achieving and dissatisfied most of the time. The need to fit in clashes with the need to be ourselves.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. When we’re operating in alignment with our real passion, everything is so much easier. We shed certain obligations we once felt we had, we reduce the demands put on us, we focus our precious attention on what brings us joy and we stop caring what other people think because we KNOW we are exactly where we should be.

I have worked in the mental health field for years, where the problems are clear. Clients are suffering from depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation more now than ever before. Using a therapeutic approach, these issues can be unloaded in a safe supportive space. BUT, I have noticed that most of us are dealing with problems that are not so clear – a vague sense of feeling stuck, different or not belonging, unhappiness at work, dissatisfaction with our bodies or needing to improve or end relationships (romantic, friendly and/or family). Once you tell me, “I know there’s a problem here and I want more (from life, work, myself or relationships),” I say “Let’s get started NOW!”

The important thing is that you have moved from unconscious awareness to conscious awareness and you are READY TO CHANGE.

These are some obvious signs that you may need to start working in line with a life coach:

I just feel stuck and confused about the next step

Look, give yourself a pat on the back for getting this far! You’ve already overcome some stuff to get to where you are now and well done on being able to identify that you feel stuck. Millions of people go through life and can’t tell the difference. Or worse still, they can tell the difference but feel like they can’t do anything about it. I’m here to tell you that you can. AND WILL! You don’t need anything else except the support of someone who is always on your side and can help you navigate through doubts, self-limiting beliefs and testy logistics. Friends and family are great but you NEED honesty, independence and confidentiality. You need to do the work for yourself without judgement. It’s time to silence those anxieties and create a plan to identify your NEXT BEST STEP FORWARD.

I think I know what I want but I’m afraid to take action

You can have all the great ideas in the world but, if you don’t act on them, that’s all they’ll ever be. Often, we’re so embarrassed to speak our goals out because they’re so big or small or silly-sounding. But a life coach doesn’t judge. A life coach supports you to implement the changes you want to make. Your idea might be huge and it might be personal or professional but, if it’s something you truly want, you’re doing yourself a DISSERVICE by NOT doing it. You’re doing your kids (or future kids) a disservice by not doing it because what are you teaching? That fear stopped you? No! You wouldn’t tell them to not take up a new hobby because they won’t be good enough so why are you telling yourself that?? Fear paralyzes people but you’re reading this because you want to start – just exploring what making decisions around your action might look like, what taking action might feel like. Let me tell you – anything IS possible. And if you still haven’t specifically figured out what you want your action to be but you know you want a change, let’s figure it out together.

I think I have blocks holding me back

Let me tell you – I was the Queen of Limiting Blocks. Coming from a low-income family with one parent and being the only kid out of seven to go to university, I know ALL about feeling like you couldn’t possibly be as good as everyone else. It made me work harder until I forgot about it. But it crept back from time to time with a small put-down or “check yourself” from a colleague or a peer or a friend. Now I KNOW it says more about them than me. I KNOW THAT. NOW. But it took a long time. I can now impart that knowledge to you without the invested time I gave it because it’s quite simple. Limiting beliefs and shame do not serve us and dysfunctional thoughts are only holding us back. Let’s be honest – are we more intrigued by the “Old Rich”, the ones with Daddy’s money or the self-starting entrepreneur with the rags to riches tale? Do we have more respect for the inherited money or the money generated from sheer determination in the face of adversity? We love an underdog. Your limiting beliefs can continue to put you down OR… you can use them to DRIVE you forward. You might not know what your blocks are yet and so a life coach can identify them for you and then work in line with your intentions to create new beliefs. Let’s change “I am not good enough” to “I am more than enough”.

I don’t really know what I’m actually meant to be working towards – I can’t see it

That’s fine – you don’t need to see it yet. You just need an open mind and wifi because we will break this right down and then start creating the perfect life for you. It doesn’t have to be rich and famous – most people just want a home, a job that is also their passion, a family, health, love and laughter. You don’t have to know exactly what your home will look like or what your new partner will be like…you just need to focus on what makes you happy and then build everything else around that. It is collaborative work in nature – we all need someone to pull those feelings, images and needs out for us. I believe that technology-related instant gratification has resulted in us not being able to use our imagination in the way we once were when we were kids. Just bring your open mind and we’ll figure out the rest together.

I do know what I want and I keep trying but it’s not really working out

Sounds like you have the commitment and the drive but you’re not really seeing enough results to convince yourself that you’re making progress. Maybe something needs to shift – it could be those dodgy limiting beliefs again or it could be a small cog in your plan that needs some oil. If we continue to do the same thing over and over again without results, we need to be really harsh with ourselves and figure out what we’re not doing as well as we should be. Hate the thought of negative feedback? It might be what you need to listen to. Working with a life coach means that you can figure these things out and then start making real progress on a daily basis. That’s what SUCCESS is – a small committed promise to yourself every day. Let’s do it!

I’m doing a lot but, at the end of the day, it’s not actually supporting my idea/growth/wellness

Hey, we’ve all been there! We’re doing “our best” and it feels like it should be serving us but it just doesn’t seem to be working out. It’s like trying to catch your footing climbing up a mountain of sand…and you’re using double the amount of energy just TRYING. It’s time to take a step back and let’s frame what is happening with honesty. Maybe your morning routine is not serving you. Maybe procrastination habits are getting in the way. Maybe someone else in your life is holding you back or you need to outsource work that you hate or you hold fear when thinking about what it takes to be successful. Let’s figure it out! And then let’s break everything into measurable chunks so that you can manage your time effectively. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

You have read this far because you are obviously interested in investing in yourself and want to figure out the next best step in order to catapult yourself into empowerment, through breakthroughs and into a life you love and have consciously created. What’s next?

Drop me a line here or fill out the contact form above, letting me know where you are at now, what you are not satisfied with and what life you would want to live IF YOU HAD NO FEAR

We will arrange a 60-minute one-on-one session via phone or video in order to develop a unique working plan for you. A dream without a plan will always be a dream. We need to look at your big goals and then reverse engineer this so that you are taking actionable steps every day towards your goal.
Speak to me, be heard and receive in-depth professional support so you can relieve your worries and elevate your life. If not now, when? THE TIME IS NOW!