2023 Summer EPV Course: Equal Education: Inclusion and SEN


Enabling participants to respond to the demands of all their pupils, inclusive of their interests, abilities, talents and needs

Course Approved By The Department Of Education And Skills

  • 10 hours on-demand video material and 10 hours offline learning
  • Online tutor moderation
  • Downloadable articles and resources
  • Access on mobile and desktop
  • Department of Education and Skills-Accredited Summer Course Certificate 2023
  • Full access to the course

SEN Inclusion in education can often be viewed by teachers as a daunting task rather than a welcome challenge. By engaging with this EPV course, participants will be provided with the ideas and skills required to create an inclusive learning environment. We will explore tried and tested approaches that could be used in all classrooms.

Modern classrooms can vary greatly from setting to setting and the range of learning styles can be diverse. With that in mind, this course will examine the Universal Design for Learning (UDL). This provides an effective framework to improve the learning experience of all students within the mainstream teaching environment. As well as providing ideas and knowledge, this course will also invite the participants to reflect on their current practice and recognise the good, inclusive practice already in place. Furthermore, the participants can share their own experiences with others and via versa, enhancing the participants’ opportunities for professional development.

Working with children from the perspective of understanding their experience and communicating with children effectively, means that teachers can provide a quality of teaching that is unparalleled in terms of contributing to a long-lasting impact. Tailoring lesson plans to be more empathetic and responsive to the needs of the child means that they will be more engaged and therefore want to learn more. The leadership within schools must incorporate a fully inclusive approach and this has to begin somewhere. After Participants engage in this course, they will be equipped with the knowledge of how to communicate effectively with children with SEN. Content can be downloaded and shared with the principal so every school can implement this innovative ethos with all staff, thus improving the lives of so many more students. As such, teachers’ engagement in this course will directly improve their practice in relation to leadership, teaching, learning and assessment in working with children with SEN.

This course is ten hours of audio content, visual content and assessment in total, and there are ten hours of recommended reading and resources for you to further develop your own learning.