#100 happy days 4 kids: A Well-Being Tool to Enhance Children’s Happiness & Parental Attachment


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Publication date           2015
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Paperback. #100happydays4kids is a day-to-day handbook guide for parents who want to enhance family relationships, attachments and communication through participating in one hundred easy-to-follow family-focused and child-centred activities.

These exercises can then be documented, photographed or recorded and submitted to an online forum (www.100happydays4kids.com – currently under construction), where other parents from all over the world can browse and enjoy. The book centres around well-supported psychological principles which have helped divide the activities into four main categories: fundamental parenting skills, independence building, child-centred activities, and family relationships, which are color-coded such that parents are aware of the benefits of each.

The need for the enhancement of well-being within families is of utmost importance at the moment because parents in modern day society tend to work more, have less time with their children, are burdened with financial pressures, interrupted by technology, and have their attention demanded from many sources including their children, spouses, and careers. This book is one that does not place any extra burden on the family because it is cost-efficient, self-explanatory and economical with time. With increased levels of pressure on parents and children, this book is needed to assist busy families to re-engage in sensory activities that enhance family relationships and attachments, build upon their fundamental parenting skills, and enhance independence in a child-centred and family-focused manner.