Motherhood Mentoring

With Lorraine Lynch of Child Psychology Institute

Conversations over a cuppa with a mother who’s been there. Whether you’re suffering through the limitations of an anxious mind or facing the constant battle of feeling like you’re not doing enough, I’m here. 

Book your 60-minute conversation with me and uncover the confidence & self-compassion you need to finally feel in control of your journey.

You're not the only one who feels this way

But you’re not alone

And the story you’re telling yourself isn’t the full picture

The truth is

The pressures of society are weighing heavily on you, as they do with all mothers.

You’re told to stay at home and be with your baby. But then they tell you you’re lazy and should be working to support your family. So, you go to work. But then they say you’re neglecting your role as a mother.

It’s a never-ending cycle that you can’t win. Meanwhile, it feels like every other mother has got the balance just right. They’re doing it all, and doing it with grace and carefree confidence.

You’re lucky if you manage to put your shoes on the right feet!

But I know you’re not the only one feeling this way because I’ve been there – juggling motherhood, a career and a growing family. And I can tell you, it gets better.

it gets better when

you say no to needless suffering, develop self-compassion and stop pushing your problems away

Which is what I’ll guide you towards during your Motherhood Mentoring sessions.

A 60-minute consultation for mothers seeking more happiness, fulfilment and control in their mothering journey

I’ve worked with hundreds of mothers, children and families through individual services and child psychology courses at the Child Psychology Institute.

And there’s one thing I can tell you now that I know will make you sigh with relief:

Motherhood looks & feels different for everyone! *phew*

That’s why this experience is 100% tailored to you and your current situation.

To prove to you how capable you are and how much you’ve already achieved.

This is a safe, approachable, understanding space where you can share without fear of judgement

Hi, I'm Lorraine

An award-winning social entrepreneur and author specialising in working with children and families with health and psychological issues.

I’ve dedicated my life, work and education to bettering the lives of children. At the Child Psychology Institute, I help families and caregivers eliminate trauma by better navigating thoughts, feelings, beliefs, physical routines and spiritual connections.

I’ve spent decades in formal education learning and researching the link between mental health, physical health and social wellness, with a special interest in bonding and attachment. It was this education and ever-evolving passion that guided me through my darkness during early motherhood. 

Instead of pinning my hopes on unproven strategies, talking myself in circles and crossing my fingers, I had the knowledge to create research-backed practices and strategies. Science told me that what we experience as mothers is normal! You are not alone. And there is a way to embrace vulnerability and get the guidance you need. That’s why I’m here–

To empower you to define what you want from this chapter and give you the confidence & conviction to go after it, one step at a time.

Praise for Lorraine & the CPI

“I could feel your commitment, passion, expertise, generosity in sharing your knowledge, and good humour throughout the 5 days…You are an inspiration”

Because your problems are your family’s problems

What’s best for you equals what’s best for them

At the Child Psychology Institute, we take a child-centred approach to everything we do. 

Through our courses, community and services, we work to promote positive change in the emotional wellbeing of all children. As a mother and educator dedicated to healing trauma in children’s lives:

I know your health and happiness directly influence your children’s wellness.

Research shows that your mental health and wellbeing impacts your children in multiple ways:

I care about making sure your child doesn’t face these struggles by doing the deep mindset work and developing incremental, manageable habits that make yours and your family’s life more intentional & enjoyable

Show up for yourself so you can show up for your family

Right now you’re

Suffering needlessly & resenting this chapter of life

When you could be

Exploring the possibility that this chapter will be your best yet

One-to-one online motherhood mentoring

Self-paced, guided consultation sessions from the comfort of your home with a cuppa in hand.

We’ll work together to limit your everyday overwhelm & enable you to reconnect with yourself, your children and your family

How it works

I’m here to meet you where you’re at, identify your struggles and create your path towards a sense of pride, purpose and belonging

Helping mothers worldwide overcome: stress, burnout, overwhelm, anxiety, shame, mom guilt, loss of identity, poor life balance, overall unhappiness & more.

01. Book & attend your first consultation session

Click ‘Book Now’ to choose your date & time. You’ll receive 2 digital consent forms (no printer needed) and a confirmation of your appointment.

Bring your cuppa and yourself (and your baby, if you need to). We’ll be chatting openly about the struggles you’re facing, your mental & physical goals, and the most effective path to achieving them.

02. Attend your 60-minute session

Every mother’s first session looks different, depending on what you’re facing.

But what I can promise is 60 minutes of mindset shifts, light bulb moments and actionable advice.

03. Follow-up sessions

After our initial meeting, it’s up to you to decide what the rest of this journey looks like.

You might be looking for a shoulder to lean on and to vent to someone who gets it (because trust me, I do). Or, you might have more complex struggles that require multiple sessions and more definitive direction.

I know that

Life & motherhood don’t come with a set structure or instruction manual

which is why I’ll never force one upon you

I’m not here to tick boxes and deliver masterclasses on the ‘how-tos’ of motherhood because they don’t exist. 

Your experience and struggles are unique to you, which is why these sessions are responsive to what you need now, and anything that might come up as we begin working together.

Praise for Lorraine & the CPI

“I really enjoyed the course, you were really easy to listen to and it was broken down in a very manageable way. The resources are excellent and I look forward to putting my knowledge to work”

1 hour of open, honest, mother-to-mother conversation…plus the mindset shifts and practices you need to reconnect with yourself & the life you want for €100

You might not have your village beside you, but you have me. And I’m celebrating you investing in the wellbeing, health and happiness of your beautiful family.

This time is the difference between struggling silently through a life plagued by negativity and worry, and enjoying a life of freedom and fulfilment on your terms. You’re about to take the first step towards the life you and your family deserve, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to guide you on the journey.

Whether your goal is to go for a guilt-free coffee with friends or get out of the funk you’re feeling, we’ll get you there.

Frequently asked questions

I created these sessions to be flexible and open to mothers with complex needs and lifestyles. Therefore, I have a 48-hour cancellation policy where you’ll receive a full refund for your session. 

However, if you’re feeling anxious or vulnerable about our time together, I urge you to reach out– email me and let me know. I promise you’re not the only one who has felt this way, and I know we’ll be able to find a solution you’re comfortable with whilst providing the guidance you need.


I know what it’s like being a busy mother with multiple commitments. That’s why I designed these mothering consultations to be 60-minute virtual sessions– a short but efficient amount of time to start working towards your goals. 

Babies and children are always welcome, so bring them if you need to. There are multiple evening, morning and weekend sessions available, so there will be a time that works for you. 

And, I encourage you to consider why you think you can’t dedicate this time to yourself – is it because you feel overwhelmed or you’re living for others? This is something we can discuss during our time together. 

I understand that finances can be a difficult subject when you’re growing your family. You might think this money could be better spent elsewhere. But, remember, this time is an investment into a happier you and the future of your family! 

My educational background, personal experience, and expertise in trauma informed education means this process will work for you. Every session is customised to your needs so we can get to the root of your problems and implement the strategies and practices needed to improve these.

Yes, Motherhood Mentoring  meets you where you’re at – whether that’s facing a particular problem or dealing with the daily struggles of transitioning into motherhood. I’m here to be your ear and give you advice on how best to navigate these big thoughts and feelings.

It’s easy to feel lost during motherhood

I’m here to help you find the path to who & where you want to be