Self-paced online learning

Working With Children With Dyspraxia (DCD)

Learn about the physical, emotional, social and educational impact of Dyspraxia or DCD on the whole child

Working With Children Who Have Experienced Trauma

Understanding how trauma impacts children, how this presents and how professionals can support children who have been impacted

Understanding Dyspraxia

What is Dyspraxia?

Managing Dyspraxia in the Classroom

How to ensure that students with Dyspraxia in your classroom benefit from your understanding of their needs

Managing Anxiety in the Classroom

Learn about what you can do to help students with anxiety in the classroom setting

Understanding Trauma

Develop an awareness of different theories of trauma and how trauma differs from child to child, and throughout the lifespan.

Working With Children With Anxiety

Understand how Anxiety presents itself, the impact on the whole child & strategies that be implemented in the classroom

Thriving After Covid

Learn how children have been impacted by the Coronavirus and what effective strategies can be put in place in classrooms to promote wellness

Mind Your Mind, Teacher

Teachers, you are struggling right now and we know there is a deep sense of fatigue and overwhelm. Let's press the pause button!

Understanding Anxiety

Learn about what exactly Anxiety is and how it manifests in our bodies and brains

Understanding Restorative Practice

Learn how to promote positive behaviour through connection, communication and rapport

Supporting Children Through the Ukrainian Crisis

FREE 1hr online CPD training.
The world is struggling to comprehend what's happening in Ukraine - this is our way of supporting you and the children you support.

Understanding Attachment - The Fundamentals of Human Psychology

When it comes to children, meeting their needs for connectedness and attachment are foundational for healthy development. Taking the time to meet children’s needs when they are young will help reduce the behaviour that comes from having a need to unmet.

Teaching Through Drama

Educational drama, as it is envisaged in the curriculum, is a creative process that allows children to explore the full potential of drama as a learning experience. In making this drama the child enters an imagined context (the drama world), through enacting a fiction about characters in certain circumstances, at some particular time and in some particular situation, and so can explore in a unique way conflicts, issues, consequences, attitudes, emotions, concerns and preoccupations that are important to the understanding of real life” (DES, 1999).


Managing Dyspraxia at Home

How to ensure your child with Dyspraxia can reach their potential by meeting their psychological needs at home

Managing Anxiety at Home

Learn what strategies you can implement in the home to help your child with anxiety