Working With Children With Anxiety – 2024 Summer Course Group 3

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9 thoughts on “Working With Children With Anxiety – 2024 Summer Course Group 3”

  1. This course offered excellent resources and guidance on the incorporation of mindfulness practices into the classroom. It made me more aware of the signs and symptoms of anxiety to look out for in my classroom this year and really emphasized the importance of facilitating a calm and safe environment for children who may suffer from anxiety, in school.

  2. The course was interesting when thinking about how society influences anxiety today. I learned a lot about the tools which help with anxiety such as fresh air, nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, meditation, arts & crafts. It was good to think about ways we can support children with anxiety across the whole school.

  3. A very informative and insightful course on how broad anxiety can present and lots of useful tools to implement at both classroom and school level.

  4. Lorraine Desmond

    Thanks so much for an insightful and well presented course, it is so important for us as teacher and as people to be aware of anxiety in our children and the children we teach.

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