The Tale Behind The Logo

Tree grows from a seed which began in dark, damp conditions with no light but he followed his instinct to grow towards the light. Thank you, phototropism!

During the next stage in his life, Tree is a little sprout – minuscule among the Greats around him but he does not compare. He focuses on his own growth. He puts his head down and bursts buds each and every Spring before shedding his dead foliage each and every Autumn. Breathing, drinking water and developing every day. Only. Nothing else. His rings increase as his trunk swells, his branches reach far out to see new perspectives and his bark grows thicker.

When Tree flourishes, he stands strong amid the adversity of storms and vandalism. He doesn’t seek to change anything – he simply observes and stands strong. He persists. Stands strong. Tree’s body is now a haven and a refuge and a source of sustenance for animals and birds, a sanctuary of play and host of countless imaginary adventures for our small ones. He spends his time being mighty by simply focusing on his own growth and respecting life all around him. If he loses a branch, he takes the time to heal – this healing is slow but he respects Nature’s time to do Her wonderful work. He consumes only what he needs and expends what he doesn’t. His job is to transform carbon dioxide into oxygen, a job he does with such ease that it’s almost not like a job – it’s his nature.

Tree’s not regurgitating his past, trying to be somewhere else or worrying about the future. Tree just is, confident and grounded with deep roots.

I relish in his shelter and in the music he creates. He’s not trying to impress me but I’m awestruck.

We can learn a lot from Tree.