2024 Summer EPV Course – Working With Children With Dyspraxia


Learn about the physical, emotional, social and educational impact of Dyspraxia or DCD on the whole child

Course Approved By The Department Of Education And Skills

  • 10 hours on-demand video material and 10 hours offline learning
  • Online tutor moderation
  • Downloadable articles and resources
  • Access on mobile and desktop
  • Department of Education and Skills-Accredited Summer Course Certificate 2023
  • Full access to the course

Although Dyspraxia – also known as Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) – is extremely common in school-aged children (5-15%), research has shown that the majority of professionals working with children have little to no knowledge about this condition. Because identifying this condition early on is essential in order to avail of timely supports, it is essential that every professional working with children has a full understanding of how Dyspraxia presents.

One of the reasons Dyspraxia is often not on the radar of professionals is because it is highly co-morbid with other conditions. In other words, children with Dyspraxia very often have other sensory, emotional and social issues. Those who complete this course will have a comprehensive knowledge of Dyspraxia, understand the serious impact this disorder has on the whole child and their lived experience in the world in terms of their psychological, emotional, physical and social wellness, and will be well-equipped with effective strategies to support these children’s needs.

This course is ten hours of audio content, visual content and assessment in total, and there are ten hours of recommended reading and resources for you to further develop your own learning.